Without using SmartyGreen Technology
When the garbage disposal company is
extra costs

Costs if the dumpsters are filled with little

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Rerouting of transport   Fuel consumption and wear  of machinery   Time and wages   Check-in at the landfill with an empty garbage truck
SmartyGreen 40


You can use the time spent for serving new clients

Costs, if the containers are overflowing

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Fines for over crowded containers   Additional working time on collecting garbage around the containers   The risk of losing  customers
SmartyGreen 40

The image of the company

Every next year  the companies ordering the removal and treatment of wastes, increasingly demanding on the timeliness and quality of the work of the operator. The company is showing itself as quickly, reactive and timely standing always wins a competitive fight.

How does work the SmartyGreen Technology

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Quickly shows the occupancy of the containers (1 time per hour) Calculates an optimal route of the truck, in consideration of the road situations Sends data of the routes to the operator and drivers Provides complete loading of the truck to  the landfill Selects the optimum range for an exportation

Benefits of using SmartyGreen Technology

Save fuel and time working

At the time of collecting only the filled containers, garbage truck routes less distance and spends less time.
Having reduced labour costs employees of waste utilizing  company.
Saving the covered distance is done including through flexibility in creating a schedule export and permanent consideration of the road situations.

Route without SmartyGreen Technology — 12 km Using SmartyGreen Technology — 7,2 km
SmartyGreen 84

Saving on numbers of garbage trucks

To serve the same number of objects need less transport and fewer staff.

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SmartyGreen 88

Savings on fines of using landfills

With SmartyGreen Technology the only completely filled garbage trucks travel on the ground. You do not pay a check not filled garbage trucks.


Optimal solution for garbage separation

Garbage truck picks up containers filled only with a specific type of garbage and takes it straight away for recycling. Waste from the containers, unsuitable for recycling, are sent directly to the landfill. No necessity of sorting centre existing and costs drastically reduced due to effective removal of garbage directly to the points of secondary processing.


From what



conveys information on the occupancy of the container every hour



Cloud server,

Schedule components export and calculates route tracks in the best way




for truck driver, operator and administrator. Work on PCs for operator, administrator, and Tablet with Android for truck driver. Driver interface running on a tablet with the application installed.




with the statistics of exportation of MSW, truck tracking and formation of waybills.


integration Smarty Green Technology could also be integrated with existing GPS monitoring system and position sensors.  

Reliability Of SmartyGreen Technology

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Module container protected from bumps and vandalism. It is protected from hacking. The module operates at temperatures ranging from  -40 to +40° c all year round, 7/24 in a day The module transmits data energy efficient method of data transmission LORA. The battery lasts for 1 year or more. If there is no network LORA available, the module works according to GSM mobile communications.

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